Template Technique

Smile-Vision Cosmetic Imaging is an important sales and marketing tool for cosmetic dentistry, but it’s only the first step.

The Template Technique uses the patient-approved Smile-Vision cosmetic image as the foundation for a step-by-step process that proceeds through fabrication and delivery. This technique guarantees an “as planned” case every time. It will save time, reduce anxiety, increase patient satisfaction and improve predictability. The Template Technique process opens a whole new world of opportunity for dentists – it translates expectations into reality in a smooth, intuitive, predictable method.

  • Accurate Resin Replica from Smile-Vision Pictures

  • Preparation guide - A periodontal probe is used to verify clearance

  • Double-layer template for temporaries

How it works

The Template Technique consists of three components that work together to provide the dentist with an “as planned” case every time. The components of the Template Technique are:

  1. A full-scale resin replica created from Smile-Vision images
    The Smile-Vision dental laboratory starts with a patient-approved Smile-Vision smile simulation. We employ technologies that allow us to digitally measure the Smile-Vision images to within a few tenths of a millimeter. These measurements allow us to perform digital modeling from which an accurate resin replica is produced.
  2. A preparation guide
    A preparation guide of thin transparent plastic is made from the resin replica. This is the guide you’ll use during tooth preparation. By using a periodontal probe inserted into the template, reduction can be verified. It ensures enough room for our technician to deliver the case you want. You will get an “as planned” case back from our laboratory. Clear communication and exchange of pictures via our laboratory portal throughout preparation and fabrication are also key factors here.
  3. A template for temporaries
    A template for temporaries made from your resin replica saves time and improves predictability. Results are better than with traditional lab processed temporaries – at half the cost. Double-layer construction and accurate adaptation of the temporary template provides temporary restorations that have correct incisal position, contours, margins and occlusion – every time.

For your convenience, a Laboratory Prescription (form) is available here for download in PDF format.

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