See what doctors and patients have to say about Smile-Vision.

I just finished glazing the remaining two crowns that you did for me and I wanted to pass along that these are probably the nicest zirconia crowns that I have received from any of the 5 labs that I have previously used. The margins, fit, contacts, shade, occlusion, and contours were all very nice. Thank you! I'm hoping my quest for a quality lab to outsource my zirconia crowns to has come to an end.

Pam Contour Dental Arts

The case looked and fit beautifully. Amazing!! Especially the fit. How do you do it? Very little adjusting. Thank you so much,

Dr. M

Just wanted to let you know how amazing this case turned out!!!!!!! The entire prep and temp appointment took us only 3 hours and the patient was thrilled with the results. Thank you so much for making this such a fun and exciting process.

Dr. Carson K.

Thank you so much Cosmetic Imaging Team. I appreciate very much your immediate response in this matter of Mr. Eric's cosmetic smile simulation. You guys are the best ! Very distinctively professional, efficient and effective. Thank you so much.

Dr. John

I want you to know how excited I am with the results of our the last three multi-unit anterior cases we did . They all went like a dream and the patients are extremely happy satisfied with the final esthetic results. The Smile Vision anterior temporization technique simplifies and accelerates this usually very tedious process as well. As you know, I practice in an affluent area and my patients are quite demanding. They appreciate that they can see in advance how their cases will look and I love this as well. It really takes the guess work out of doing anterior dentistry. The Smile Vision anterior temporization techniques simplifies and accelerates this usually very tedious process.

Dr. R. Csillag - Newton, MA

I just seated Susan's six veneers. No adjustments and they look spectacular. She's the wife of an oral surgeon in town and Now he knows what our office can do. Thanks for your world class work.

Dr. R. Csillag - Newton, MA

I want to express my appreciation for your insights. I implemented many of your suggestions and it made such a difference!! Thank you again for your help and support. Having someone with your knowledge and experience to confer with has made me feel much more confident in my objective to always give the best quality service to my patients. I appreciate your taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with me and I look forward to a continued successful and prosperous relationship with you all at Smile-Vision.

Pierre Comeau, DMD

Working with you has made a very positive impact on my practice. Presenting and closing the full mouth reconstructions are much easier now. With your help, predictable clinical results are easier to obtain than ever before.

Mike Saso - Ottawa CA

I can honestly say that my Practice turned a major corner when I began the photos, the techniques, etc. that Smile-Vision espouses. Working together, you should know that you and I have changed several peoples’ lives in a wonderful way. I can say this without a bit of hyperbole. You made my practice of Cosmetic Dentistry a pleasure because no longer did I have to “hope” that it fits or wonder what it was going to look like. And all of my patients treated thusly were thrilled at the end result. Many thanks!!

Shaun Dowd - Bangor, ME

We finally placed Susan B's case and it went beautifully, with minimal adjustment and fantastic esthetics. Thanks for the fantastic work.

John Argeros - Peabody, MA

Just wanted to let you know that your template technique is absolutely AWESOME! I used it for the first time and the temp took me literally 10 minutes from start to finish for 9 units- WOW!!

Jose Arthur Mirelez, Jr., DDS, FICOI - Jose Arthur Mirelez, Jr., DDS, FICOI | Fresno, CA

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated working with you on our recent case. This was a very demanding and difficult dental patient( a wonderful person however) . Over the years I have spent about seven weeks down at the Pankey Institute trying to excel at difficult cases like this. From the beginning you were a pleasure to work with for both my patient and myself. Our pre-op photographs with the computer simulated final result and the pre-op wax up allowed both my patient and myself to see where we wanted to end up before we began. Your two-pieced stent made to the wax-up made my fabrication of the provisional bridge surprisingly easy and more importantly an almost exact duplication of the wax-up. My patient left that day loving her smile and having a more comfortable bite. The soft tissue responded very well to the provisional so that when it came time to insert our ceramometal bridge our visit was quite easy. Using a model of the provisionals as a template resulted in an insert visit with a bare minimum of adjustment. It was fantastic not to have to grind on porcelain ! I am grateful for having the opportunity to have worked together on this case and I look forward to working together in the future.

Peter Breen, DMD

I have found you imaging services to be the best out there - since the beginning. I have posted that feeling on the international LVI forum on multiple occasions. There were isolated negative postings from around the country usually centering on the lack of lifelike and actual reproduction in the imaging, but I think that is an ESSENTIAL component to making the imaging valuable. If the imaging got so realistic that we could not surpass it in the finish, then the imaging would be a negative. I find it PERFECT as it is. It gives a great impression for the patient to understand, but leaves room for the finish to exceed it every time. The multiple options you can create just helped me close a $24,000 case, just from the pictures, moving the patient from the 3 crowns she wanted replaced to a full upper arch allowing me to optimize her midline, her smile line and her buccal corridor appearance. As per your frequent postings, I am treating TWO patients this month who had imaging done when we had the computer and camera in our OFFICE! That was over 6 years ago! The tail on these cases can never be overstated.

Steve Bader, DMD - Newton, MA

Everything went very well! The patient can't wait to do the lowers next! Thanks for a complete system that virtually guarantees success every time.

Mike U.

I am writing to thank you for the cosmetic simulations you have been providing to our office. Simulations done for patients who have expressed an interest in esthetic dentistry have resulted in a very high rate of case acceptance. It serves as a great communication tool, as some patients accept crown lengthening, and others opt out. Many times, the patient elects complete mouth treatment - I should say, DEMANDS complete treatment - whereas, initially, he/she was contemplating much more limited care. Patients see the enhanced image and say they WANT the smile in the picture. It is an emotional purchasing decision! Suddenly the how and how much take a back seat. The fast turnaround is a major plus. Further, the redraws/refinements, as necessary, have been excellent. We appreciate your responsiveness and willingness to engage in this essential dialogue.

Dr. Sanford N. Schwartz - Brandon, FL

The entire Smile-Vision concept from simulation to waxup & template technique has enhanced & simplified how i & many others practice dentistry & achieve quality results. This new over temps approach is a GIANT step forward for those of us who offer & provide our patients with full mouth reconstructions. I can't thank you enough for the contributions you've made to my practice & for dentistry as a whole.

Byron Scott

Patient Mary G. was very happy with her new smile. The cosmetic imaging really persuaded her to go with improving her teeth and your lab work was wonderful, giving her the new smile she always wanted. Thanks for the good work from your lab!

Steve - St. Louis, MO

I am totally blown away with how effective Smile Vision Imaging has been for us. Just yesterday another long term patient said YES! after seeing her imaging photo...no further questions asked!

Carson - Aiken, SC

Smile-Vision, I just wanted to first, thank you for the amazing results we have been getting with our imaging! This is so exciting, and who would have ever thought that just the before and after pictures could sell the case! I have spent so much time trying to impress my patients with my vast knowledge in words, that I probably end up killing my case presentations before they even get a chance to accept what they really want. Now, I simply hand them the pictures. They can make their decision from there... I keep my mouth shut! ha ha ha. Dental Boot Kamp helped me with this "issue" but you have given me proof positive that less is best!

Dr. Carson K.

I have always received prompt, high quality services from Smile-Vision. My patients have been very pleased to have this tool to help them in their decision making process.

Paul Landman DDS - Landman Dental Associates | Chicago, IL

Smile-Vision has been a very important part of our internal marketing process. The old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words," really holds true for us. Their imaging is the least-expensive, time-efficient, way to show a patient what a new smile can do for them. Thanks Smile-Vision!

Jess N. Legg DDS - Conroe Dental Health and Cosmetic Centre | Conroe, Texas

As the 2003 National Cosmetic Practice of the year recipient, I have found the imaging provided to us by Smile-Vision to be invaluable in case presentations for cosmetic and functional mouth rehabilitations. Dr. Brooks and the team at Smile-Vision have always been attentive to the detail and request for subtleties in my imaging request. This has proven to be problematic with other imaging services. If you want to provide a higher level of service, decrease case planning and diagnosis complexities, and increase your case acceptance, I would not wait another day before calling.

Dr. Gregory P. Heintschel - Center for Exceptional Dentistry | Findlay, OH

Smile-Vision has exceptional customer service. Their cosmetic imaging is critical to patient acceptance of treatment presented. My case acceptance is nearly 100% and I know that the imaging provided by Smile-Vision is the reason behind my success.

Dr. John Halmaghi - Comfort Dental | Southfield, MI

I have been using Smile-Vision for several years. It has helped me dramatically with case presentation and acceptance. You owe it to your patients and yourself to have imaging done on every possible patient!

Steven E. Roth DMD - Fishman-Roth Associates | New York, NY

Larry Brooks and the team at Smile-Vision are truly partners with our practice. Their ingenuity and knowledge about all aspects of cosmetic dentistry makes our part fun and predictable...and the results often bring tears to our patient's eyes.

Dr. David Phelps - The Gental Dental | Greenville, TX

Claudia in Customer Service is excellent!

Dr. Grace Hsu - Dr. Grace Hsu | East Norwich, NY

I have tried many methods to convince my patients with compromised smiles to reward themselves with veneers, orthodontics and crowns. I have done mock-ups in the mouth and photographed what it could look like. I have taken pictures and on PhotoSuite4 did my own digital enhancements. I have appealed to their emotions and used all my Haley Dental Book Kamp training. I have had good success with these techniques. But the single greatest tool I use is Smile-Vision. A picture is worth a thousand words. A great pictures is worth 10,000 words. My most famous digital enhancement came from a divorcee male back in the market for a wife. I asked him about his smile and he said he never thought about it. When I had Smile-Vision do a digital enhancement and I sent him a copy, he immediately posted it on his online dating site and starting getting more hits. He called and scheduled $12,000 worth of cosmetic dentistry and later followed through with much more. Smile Vision digital enhancements and protocol for getting it in front of the patients and their spouses works.

Dr. Adrian Fenderson - All About Smiles | Napa, CA

Smile-Vision has made it possible for the dentist to show the patient a vision of how a new smile can create a new, more confident persona. At a minimum outlay of time and money, this is a formidable ally of the cosmetic dentist. My personal experiences with Smile-Vision have all been positive.

Dr. Robert Weller - Robert Weller, DDS, PC | Brooklyn, NY

Over the years, I have successfully transferred all of my model "mock-up" efforts and verbal descriptions of esthetic smiles to the consistently professional imaging results that I have received from Smile-Vision. The overwhelming majority of multiple anterior esthetic cases that I have completed were ones that were imaged by Smile-Vision, and the decision by the patient to proceed made almost immediately. The only consideration for most of them was putting together the funds for the case. In these instances, for something they wanted as opposed to something they needed. Most dental practitioners, and for that matter new car salesmen, know the power of one versus the other! It is, for most patients, a matter of priority for their discretionary dollar. IF THEY WANT IT, THEY WILL BUY IT. IF THEY CAN SEE IT, THEY WILL WANT IT! Simple as that. Thanks for all your help with my Smile Vision experiences!

Steve Stutsman, DDS, FAGD - Steve Stutsman, DDS, FAGD | Dallas, TX

After learning about your system to help my existing patients of record become interested and informed about what cosmetic dentistry has to offer them, I realized it (Smile-Vision) made perfect sense for my practice. In the three months we have integrated Smile-Vision in our daily routine, patients have shown a willingness to discuss their cosmetic desires. We provide them with different cosmetic options to achieve their goals and review financial options as well. I believe this system will lead to better case acceptance results and provide a predictable lab result to match patient expectations.

Dr. John Zarrella - John W. Zarrella, DMD | Ashland, MA

Smile-Vision has made the process of creating desire for cosmetic dentistry almost too easy! When we give a patient a copy of their new smile to keep while they decide if they want to move forward with treatment, it is almost like cheating! They always love it and this isn't a picture that gets thrown away - they put it on their fridge and end up bringing it back so we can make it theirs. Awesome tool and consistently great imaging!

Dr. Mark Duncan - Dental Design | Oklahoma City, OK

Smile-Vision has changed the way that I do dentistry. Their cutting edge services have enabled me to expand the cosmetic/rehab portion of my practice to a level that I never thought possible. Systematic case planning is the key to success. This process builds personal confidence as well as patient confidence in one's treatment plan. Such positive experiences build upon themselves such that further treatment plans are presented with a confidence and enthusiasm that is picked up on by your patients. The result is an increase in case acceptance and the perks that come along with it. No doubt, this is a 'win-win' situation.

Martin B. Goldstein DMD - Dental Health Associates | Wolcott, CT

We started with Smile-Vision 2 years ago, and since then our cosmetic case acceptance has tripled. The communication with our patients and the possibility of their smiles has created happy and life-lasting results. From the service, to the timeliness, all the way to the final product, Smile-Vision has been an asset to our team approach for all patients. We highly recommend their service for those practitioners who want to get their practice to a higher level. Thank you Smile-Vision for showing us the "real" vision and possibilities of our practice!!!

Dr. Dean Vafiadis - NY Smile Institute | New York, NY

We have been very pleased with your service fast, efficient and looks good! Cost a lot less than if we did it 'in house'.

Dr. Anthony Cook - Anthony Cook, DDS | Savannah, GA

From imaging through diagnostic "wax-up" through temps to the final product, this is a well-integrated system with flexibility to accommodate any input from cookbook to fully customized treatment planning.

Jonathan C. Cons, DDS, MAGD - Sacopee Dental Care | Kezar Falls, ME

"I could not practice cosmetic dentistry without Smile-Vision! Larry and John Brooks, and their team of professionals, have a "winning formula" for any dentist serious about helping patients envision and then realize the "smile of their dreams". Their Template for Success technique assures that my temps will match the imaging, and my patients are always ecstatic with the results! The prep guide has saved me, on many occasions, from extra appointments or a "compromised" result! I heartily recommend incorporating Smile-Vision if you want to increase your cosmetic dentistry acceptance!"

Mark Sweeney, DDS - Austin Dental Spa | Austin, TX