Cosmetic Imaging

Smile-Vision offers clinically accurate custom drawn cosmetic simulations increasing patient understanding and acceptance of treatment.

Showing people how they could appear with a more appealing smile is by far the most effective way to create desire for cosmetic dentistry. It creates an emotional impact that words, waxups, mockups or demonstration pictures can never equal. Once people want that new smile, an amazing number will get it. Smile-Vision has developed techniques that will allow any dental team to take pictures quickly and easily for fast cosmetic imaging at a reasonable cost. All this goes on behind the scenes without the doctor or treatment staff taking time from their patients. The plan allows a dental office to offer visual case presentations to their patients on an ongoing basis and generate a steady stream of cosmetic dentistry cases. The Smile-Vision system will help you get all the cosmetic cases you want, without selling. The payoff is enormous.

Original PhotoThe Smile-Vision Image

Advanced Imaging Order System

Our technology provides you with a password-protected personal page you can use to place, view, retrieve, store, and print your Smile-Vision imaging orders and pictures. For ordering, the system allows you to submit the patient’s photo along with your imaging instructions by simply selecting the image file on your computer.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for a Smile-Vision account via our secure on-line form . We’ll collect your practice and billing information. You can place an order right away if you need to.
  2. When your Personal Home Page is ready (usually within minutes), Smile-Vision will contact you with access instructions. Your Personal Home Page will give you access to comprehensive information on your previously-placed orders and completed cases, and also includes a Personal Order Form.
  3. Use your Personal Order Form to place your Smile-Vision imaging orders. All you need to do is provide the patient’s name and imaging instructions, select the “before” picture on your computer, and send the form! No need to enter practice or billing information over and over again!
  4. Smile-Vision will notify you when your orders are complete. Visit your Personal Home Page to view, print, or retrieve your “Before” and “After” images. Each case is presented to you on its own web page, ready for you to print and present to the patient!

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* Please note, that for your safety and security, we do not store any sensitive or billing information. This information is securely transmitted to us and immediately removed from internet access.