The OverTemp Technique® Simplifies full-mouth reconstruction

Dentists frequently encounter worn dentitions requiring bite opening procedures prior to restoration for functional and/or aesthetic purposes.

Theories and techniques for finding the optimal relationship of the jaws at the desired inter-dental relationship abound, but none are definitive.

All are limited in accuracy and reliability by the fact that mandibular movements and tolerances are highly individual and often unpredictable.

Likewise, aesthetics is subject to personal taste and should be verified by the patient prior to starting definitive therapy.

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The OverTemp Technique is designed to interface with all jaw positioning systems.

It is a fixed interim step used to verify optimal mandibular position and aesthetics, prior to dental restoration.

Steps in the OverTemp Technique

  1. Aesthetic preferences are determined in advance via accurate cosmetic simulations.

  2. Models of the dental arches are mounted on an articulator of choice in the chosen relationship.

  3. A wax-up representing the desired final result is created to fulfill the occlusal and aesthetic criteria for the case. 

  4. The lab creates OverTemps, made of Milled PMMA which are then bonded into place in the mouth.

  5. The OverTemps can be adjusted in the mouth to the patient’s satisfaction.

  6. Once the new aesthetics and occlusion are verified, tooth preparation can begin in whatever sequence is appropriate. Since the patient is stabilized, there is no need to prepare and temporize many teeth in one sitting.

The OverTemp Technique offers the following benefits for dentists and patients:

  1. Occlusion and aesthetics at a new vertical dimension and maxillary/mandibular relationship can be adjusted and approved by the patient prior to tooth preparation. It offers assurance and confidence to all prior to proceeding to final restorations.

  2. Final restoration may proceed on a quadrant or half-mouth basis with assured retention of a satisfactory occlusal relationship and aesthetics.

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